Vegetable Tannin based Additive for Thermal Insulation

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First choice, due to excellent adhesive properties.

Colatan GT10

Reduction of formaldehyde emission, based on vegetable Quebracho Tannin

GT10 is a natural polymer, its curing does not require additional formaldehyde; in contrast, it cures by blocking the formaldehyde content of synthetic resins. It has been specifically developed as a replacement for urea and/or urea - melamine - phenol – formaldehyde - resin - based - adhesives. Thus, Colatán GT10 can be used as formaldehyde scavenger in ureic resins with free formaldehyde, replacing 20% of resin by 20% of Colatán solution at 50% solids, with no variation in its adhesives and cohesive characteristics. This reducing formol emissions to level under ISO E1 scope.

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