Vegetable Tannin based Additives for the Cardboard Industry

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Providing significant improvements to productivity and quality


COLATAN CF2 (liquid or powder)  is a modified tannin specifically developed for the corrugating industry.


Higher speed and better bonding:

Speed increase up to 30% for normal single and double double (DD) qualities and even up to 50% for heavy qualities, DD and triple qualities.

    Lower starch consumption:

    Because of the better bonding with the Colatan CF2,  the starch consumption can be reduced by  20 – 30%. At least the cost of the additive can be earned back with the reduction in starch consumption.

      Dryer and flatter cardboard:

      Board produced with glue in combination with Colatan Cf2  can be send immediately to the converting department (no waiting time between corrugator and converting machines).  In combination with the lower starch consumption the board is flatter and “no post warp” appears in the stack.

      Water resistance:

      In combination with our Resin you can reach Tappi / Fefco 9 results too.

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