Vegetable Tanning Extracts for Leather Processing and Tanning

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Mimosa Extracts


A Natural Extract

WEIBULL is a natural Mimosa Extract of uniform quality for general usage. It is excellent for pit, pit-drum or drum tannage and also for the retannage of chrome leather.


special Extract for car and upholstery leather

WEIBULL AUTO CF offers the following main features , a significant improvement compared to the conventional tannins used in this car and upholstery segment, like Tara and normal Mimosa extracts,  in matters of color  shades (it is lighter ) , better fastness ( light / heat) , better strength ( tear ) , improvement in elongation , and as an additional feature , also a much lower reactivity with iron and other metals ,  and being so,  a consequent lower incidence of spots.


Bleached Extract

CLAROTAN is a Mimosa bleached extract of high quality, indicated for tannage of hides and skins, whenever a very light colour is required. In the tannage of soles and vachettas a very nice beige tone is supplied.


Highly Bleached Extract

CLAROTAN X-8 is a sulphited Mimosa extract with uniform quality, specially suitable for vegetable tanning leathers in a tank, tank-drums and drum process. Is also indicated for leather whenever an extremely light colouring is required and still maintaining the tannage efficiency.

WEIBULL Extra Light

Pearlized Extract

WEIBULL Extra Light is a highly bleached extract, with a pleasant ivory-pearled aspect. It is an extract for general usage and uniform quality. It’s appropriate to obtain leathers in very light colours. Although it’s a discoloured extract, WEIBULL Extra Light contains tannin content compatible with other vegetable extracts.


High Tannin Concentration Extract

WEIBULL Black is the highest tannin content Mimosa extract, for general usage. This extract type provides to the leathers an intense filling effect, due to its higher tannin concentration. Its darker colour allows the optimization of the dyestuff usage in the retanning process. It is indicated to the vegetable tanning process and in the chrome leather retanning.


Acid Astringent Vegetable Extract

ROY is a highly astringent vegetable extract with a high tannin content and a very special green-yellowish shade. This product, with remarkable organic acidity and a special rate of tannin/non-tannins, which promote an  exceptional tannin fixation on the skin, enhancing firmness, fibre compacta-tion, low water uptake and outstanding yield, for heavy hides and sole leathers. ROY can be used alone or combined with other vegetable or synthetic tanning materials, for tannage of soles and vachettas. The retannage of chrome leathers in which ROY has been used, shows a very fine and tight grain and excellent fullness.

Quebracho Extracts


UNITAN ATO can be used in all vegetable and mixed tanning and retanning processes, by itself or combined with other vegetable extracts or synthetic products. It is a most versatile vegetable extract. Its main properties are:

  • Complete dissolution in cold water
  • High tannin content
  • Rapid penetration
  • Excellent tanning properties
  • Non dusty
  • Non astringent
  • Good weight yield in leather  production
  • Full compatibility with vegetable tannins and syntans


UNITAN ATG can be used in all tanning processes, where a yellower colour is required. Leather treated with this product present a pale golden-yellow surface colour, with fullness and soft hides, firm and levelled grain, ready for embossing and buffing. Its main properties are:

  • Complete dissolution in cold water
  • Pale red with a bright golden colour
  • High tannin content
  • Rapid penetration
  • Excellent tanning properties
  • Good weight yield in leather production
  • Full compatibility with vegetable tannins and syntans


Leathers treated with Unitan ATS present a pale surface colour, excellent fullness and weight yield, firm and levelled grain, ready for embossing and buffing. It is recommended to use at the end of the process UNITAN ATS from 20% to 40% of the total vegetable extract offer. Its main properties:

  • Maximum filling properties
  • High tannin content
  • Quick penetration at natural ph
  • Excellent weight performance in leather production
  • Low ash content
  • Full compatibility with vegetable tans and syntans

Tara Powder

Tara Powder

Tara powder is obtained by grinding the Tara pods, without any further chemically treatment, and has a light beige colour. TARA powder can be used both in the re tanning of chrome tanned leathers, and in vegetable self-tanning. The main advantage of TARA powder over the vegetable tannins normally used, is its much better lightfastness.

Tara Gum

Tara Gum is obtained from the Tara pods that offers economical and functional benefits in the food industry : as stabilizer , as thickener , as a emulsifier and as gelling agent. Mainly its used to increase gel viscosity and food product consistency. Tara Gum is also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal feed industries.

Chestnut and other Extract Types

Chestnut Extract Type N

A Natural Extract

The extract has a very high affinity for pelt, allowing a very high fixation of tannin on the pelt giving high weight yield. The result is very wear resistant and water impermeable leathers. Type N gives pale yellowish colour to the leather; the shade does not turn nor darkens to light.

    Chestnut Extract Type ASD

    A Sweetened Extract

    Type ASD contains practically no insolubles and gives no sludge. The solution remains clear, thus avoiding many difficulties caused by bloom formation i.e. lessening of rate of penetration, darker colour and loss of tannin. Type ASD is suitable for all leathers, which required to be flexible and well filled . The colour of the leather is decidedly paler than with Type N.

      Valonea Extract

      Being a tannin of the pyrogallol group, VALONEA-extract tanned leather is stable to the effects of light. VALONEA is of value chiefly in the production of high-grade heavy leather, where weight and water-resistance are important. VALONEA is giving “bloom” to the leather and causing it to be dense and heavy.

        Valonea Cups

        Mainly used in the pit-tannage of heavy leathers.

          Gambier Extract

          GAMBIER combines rapidly with the proteins of the skin, in order to produce supple tannage, softer touch and fine grain. Due to the swelling property, GAMBIER is particularly suitable for the retannage of leathers and skins, which are too flat and too firm. At the end of the tannage, GAMBIER acts as a levelling agent without affecting the dyeing intensity.

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