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Tannin – a versatile and innovative raw material

While the main field of application for vegetable tannins was initially in tanneries, many other application areas have emerged over the past several years. Special tannins are used in corrugated board production, water treatment, the chipboard industry, pet food production and many more. To meet these demands, our technicians in the field of leather and corrugated board production work in an advisory capacity all over Europe to optimize production processes or items.

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Christian D. Markmann GmbH

CHRISTIAN D. MARKMANN GMBH, founded by Christian Markmann in 1983, solely deals with selling vegetable tannins, and it has become one of Europe’s leading companies in this field of expertise. Decades-long, close ties with the world’s largest tannin producers in South America form the basis for the business connections extending across all of Europe and Russia. 

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