Christian D. Markmann GmbH
Leadership in Vegetable Tannins since 1983
Animal Food Additives based on vegetable tannins      
Providing lower methane production on a natural way
Tannins are phenolic compounds and the best known feature is the interaction with proteins, by binding them in reversible or irreversibly ways and precipitating them.
The main features of tannin in animal feed for ruminants are:
  • Lower methane production
  • Protein precipitating
  • Increase protein bypass
  • Prevents acidosis by delaying ruminal fermentation
  • Anti-bloating
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Natural worm prevention
  • Bactericidal of natural origin
  • Fungistatic of natural origin
  • Natural mycotoxin absorbent
  • Natural antioxidant
  • More meat and milk
  • Milk production approx.      70g    per head and day
  • Meat production approx.    30g    per head and day
(Foto: Kurt Michel)
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